9 Tips for walking your dog safely

Walking your dog safely

Before you go on to get a dog, you need to be able to cater for it and bear all the responsibilities. You don’t just get a dog and leave it be on its own. You should be able to spare some time and take some time out to care for it. This aspect of care includes feeding it, bathing it, taking it to the vet once in a while, taking it for walks and so on.

Now, walking your dog safely is an important aspect of your dog’s life as it helps to entertain it and make it happy. It is a type of exercise that allows the pet to explore and get used to the outside world. You shouldn’t keep your dog locked in all the time.

Walking Your Dog safely

There are so many important reasons for walking your dog. Here they are:

  • It helps to boost your dog’s overall energy: Locking your dog inside a cage all day or keeping them at home all the time would make them weak. They need to walk about as it helps to increase and release pent-up energy.
  • It helps your dog to socialize with people and other dogs: If you take your dog out on a walk, it would socialize with other dogs that came to the park or anywhere else. They also learn to relate to people.
  • It helps you exercise too: By walking your dog, you are indirectly exercising without knowing it. Walking or hiking is a form of exercise which the body needs.

How Long Should You Walk Your Dog?

You may be wondering how long you should walk your dog to get the desired effect. Walking your dog is just to let it out from one enclosed space all the time and to let it see the outside world.

However, the usual time range or frame for waking a dog is between 30 minutes and two hours every day. It differs though as some people choose to walk their dogs three or four times a week. It all depends on how your schedule is. Some people are so busy that they hardly find time to walk their dogs.

This is why you shouldn’t get a dog if you can’t bear all the responsibilities. The bottom line here is that you should always create time to take your dog on a walk.

Walking Your Dog Safely

While taking your dog for a walk, you need to understand that there are precautions and safety rules to follow. This will ensure that you and your dog are safe. Here are some of those rules and guidelines:

1. Buy a dog collar or leash for your dog:

This is a very important guideline. Although some people may not see it as necessary, it is necessary. It comes in handy when you lose sight of your dog. You’ll be able to identify it with the collar which should bear the name of your dog, your name and address.

Dog collars and leashes are used to handle your dog safely to prevent them from running into the traffic. It also prevents them from entering a dangerous situation. Use a dog collar or leash which is the right size for your dog to ensure effectiveness. With it, you can have control over your pet.

2. Use paths/sidewalks:

If you’re waking with your dog on major roads, ensure that you use the paths/sidewalks and stick to it. Using these can prevent you or your dog from accidents no matter how minor. And be sure to keep them on the inside of you when you walk. This is a major point of walking your dog safely.

3. Note the weather:

You don’t want to walk with your dog and then a heavy downpour starts. You should always check the weather forecast and know what time to step out. Being in a snowstorm or thunderstorm with your dog won’t be a good idea. Therefore, you should keep the weather in mind. Check the sidewalks too during hot weather. You can use your palm to do this check. If it is too hot for your palm, them it would be hot for your dog. Remember that dogs don’t wear footwear normally like humans and this is why they should walk in safe places.

4. Keep an eye on your dog:

Dogs like to go on walks. However, there are times when they become too weak or exhausted. This is why you should always be on the lookout for your dog and note its body language. If your dog begins to show distress signs, then it’s time to go home. The distress signs may include excessive panting, limping, shivering and so on. If the symptoms persist, then it’s time to see a vet.

5. Stay away from high voltage areas:

A lot of dogs have been electrocuted. This includes stray dogs and dogs owned by people. For dogs owned by people, the owner may have probably taken the dog to a high voltage area and failed to look out for the dog. To avoid all these, it is best to stay out of high voltage areas. Watch out for signs which signify that no pets should be around that area to avoid pet electrocution. If there’s any case of electrocution, do well to call for help as soon as you can.

6. Ask for permission before approaching other dogs:

When socializing, don’t just let your dog play with a strange dog. Ensure you ask the owner of the dog for permission before letting your dog meet with it. Some dogs bite people and others are not comfortable with other dogs. You need to know if it’s proper for your dog to meet theirs. Take a look at this great video on how to approach dogs.

7. Always walk on the left side of the road:

There’s a right-way of walking your dog in the road and there’s a wrong way. The right and proper way to walk on the road with your dog is to walk on the left side facing traffic. There, you can see the oncoming traffic and be safe. This also depends on what side of the road you drive. As a rule, always keep them on the inside of you when walking.

8. Go with water:

Ensure that you take water with you when going for a walk with your dog. It helps you stay hydrated as well as your dog too. You could pack some snacks too to make the walk an enjoyable one.

9. Your dog should be beside you or in front:

Whatever you do, don’t let your dog walk behind you. It is supposed to be in front of you or beside you. Keep your dog close and also within sight.

Final Thoughts

Remember that walking your dog safely isn’t just exercise for it; it is an exercise for you too. Apart from that, it gives you a chance to spend quality time with your dog and also bond with it. Dogs are special kinds of pets that value their owners. Spending time with their owners is wholesome for them.

Also, taking out time to walk your dog helps to keep it in shape, kills boredom and makes it happy. Having a dog is fun as you have a playmate and a pet you can pass time with. However, be sure you practice all the safety rules when walking it so you and your pet can be safe. Also, check out our article on how to stop your dog from pulling



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