Tips for naming your dog

Tips for naming your dog

So you have chosen your puppy or young dog and now, among other things you have to give he/she an awesome name. If you are yet to get a dog read our article on questions to ask before you get a dog.

This a big step when you first register your dog/puppy. This is what you’ll be calling them for the rest of their life. The part of the family where you will be forever calling their name.For good and bad reasons. Pick a good one that suits the dog and you. Read on for tips on naming your dog.

So be prepared for some heavy debates on names if this is a shared responsibility!
read on for some helpful hints for naming your best friend.

Tips for naming your dog
A cool dog in sunglasses


Some top tips for naming your pooch.

Team work

Pick a name that you all like, It’s important you all like the name chosen. Although over time this just becomes a name and something you get used to even tho; you should all be on board. and after any trial periods stick with the name given.

Constantly changing the dog’s name will confuse the poor animal. The earlier you can choose a name the sooner the dog will get used to responding to it and the correct training can begin.

Trial run a name for a day or two and see how it feels. like trying on a pair of shoes or taking a test drive…actually, it is like neither of those. But it’s important that you all feel comfortable, and the dog feels comfortable to respond to the given name.

KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid

keep it short, as fun as it is as a nickname purpose calling your Jack Russell “Sir Bogsworth Wagglebutt of the Roundtable Alliance” Try shouting that at the park when he’s run off on an adventure without you. As general rule names should be 1 -2 syllables. So best to keep it short and use the “Sir, Bogsworth” for the Roundtable meetings.

They’re personality

Try and asses They’re personality when you spend time with them often names can reflect that huge personality dogs have. Are they excitable, do they sleep a lot? Are they talkative?

On a side note, I had a friend who had a cat called punchy, the cat would walk up to you along the top of the sofa, bop you on the face and walk away. Punchy because he punches people. Suppose Tyson or rocky..maybe clubber as in clubber lang. But, you get the test.

Tips for naming your dog
Cute puppy sleeping could lead to the name dozy



Look at their appearance do they have something quirky or different. what about the color of the fur is it striking enough for a name. Do they have socks? Droopy ears? spots on the markings? All these personal traits and markings usually make for some interesting pet names.


use films for inspiration, maybe you have a favorite film. use your favorite character’s names as inspiration. like point break? call them Bodi. Romi from

Romi and Michelle’s high school reunion. Ludo from Labyrinth. I think I’m giving away my tastes in films. But there are plenty to choose from. Toto from the wizard of oz.etc. I have a friend who wanted to call his spaniel Whoopie Goldberg but they decided on Colin.


Use inspiration from places around the world Utah (ok, again point break), Cleveland, maybe you have a special place where you picked them up or a place you visited.

A backstory

Is there a funny story or otherwise on how you came about the dog. When I was younger my mother and grandfather bought a caravan and when they got home there was a dog inside. A wired haired terrier…I mean ok, they called her Sally so not really relevant but you could have other stories you could pull a name from. I’m still confused as to Why did they pick Sally as a name from that story?

Celebrity names

famous sportspeople, lewis – lewis hamilton race car driver, pele the footballer, Tyson the boxer, lomu the rugby player, Jordan the basketball star, slater the surfer. Anyone of greatness usually pulls the appeals of fans naming their pooches after makes them feel attached to that moment/event/person that bit more.


Human Names

Never underestimate the power of a human name. I’m a big fan of human names. My current dog is called Theo. We’ve had a George and a sally. franks, colin, Jez, max. These are all quality names to be calling a dog.

I think this is something that tends to grow every year. People look at pets, especially dogs as a huge part of our lives and family. so by giving them a human name, it makes it somewhat more personal. Human names for pets; Use them and enjoy them.


Try to avoid these naming pitfalls

Try not to go with popular names. out and about this could lead to some confusion when trying to call max back. you have a perfect opportunity to create a new name from something here for your new buddy. make it personal and something that you look on fondly. But, there’s nothing wrong with calling them, Max.

Try to avoid calling dogs by close friends or families names. this may be harmless to you and a tribute somewhat to them but they may not take it so well and this may cause upset at some point. if you are going to use their names then at least ask first.

Try to avoid naming a dog by a previous dogs name. Although previous dogs are always dearly missed it can be unfair to name a new dog by the previous dog’s name. sometimes this leads to expectations of the current dog to show previous dog traits.

when you adopt or take in an older dog they tend to already have names. renaming the dog will often confuse them, so its best to keep them to their original not make a new nervous experience even worse by confusing them with a new name.

Also, I just checked an article on a great website

They rated the top 100 names for both male and female doggo’s and this was the top ten for each.

Female Dogs


And the top ten Boys names


Some excellent names in there. And glad to see that a lot of people are rocking human names for their pooches!

Whatever you choose there is no real bad decision. choose something right for you and your new best friend. and enjoy the start of something beautiful. We hope you enjoyed this article on tips for naming your dog.



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