How to keep your dog hydrated.

How to keep your dog hydrated

As humans, we are told to drink 8 glasses or 2 liters of water a day. But what about our dogs. How much water should dogs have and what can we do to keep them hydrated.Read on to find out how to keep your dog hydrated.

We, humans, are the same as dogs where it comes to water intake. We are both roughly 80% water and we need to keep it that way. The intake of water is vital to keep us hydrated and to keep us going. It keeps us mentally aware/sharp, rids the body of toxins and plays a part in helping to lubricate joints. It helps aid digestion and absorbs nutrients into the body.

How much water should a dog have

It is said that dogs should drink around 1 fluid ounce for every pound they weigh. This could be more or less depending on any exercise they have done, you know, chasing birds out the garden and randomly sprinting around the house. Also how warm the weather is and also any medication or illness they may have.

How to keep your dog hydrated
Dog drinking water from a bottle.

So, how to keep your dog hydrated? Read on for some helpful tips.

Keep plenty of bowls around the house and garden. I have 2 bowls in the garden and also 3 around the home. But this can depend on your home too as bigger homes will need more water supplies.  Making sure to keep them in areas that your dog likes to spend time in. reducing the need for your dog to walk around looking for water. Also, these need to be checked regularly for any top-ups for freshwater and cleaned often.

Also, any water bowls that are left outside will need to be cleaned regularly to help prevent any dirt, mold, etc from building up around the rim. Keeping the bowls clean, especially outside will prevent any nasty diseases that are carried by other outside animals and insects/bugs. You may need to check outside bowls more regularly as the water will tend to evaporate especially on hot days.

Use the correct bowl or bigger bowls. This just means that if your dog drinks a lot then you can rest easy knowing the Great Dane you have isn’t drinking out of a bowl that’s for a Shih Tzu. They would empty it in seconds. And a Shih Tzu drinking out of a Great Danes bowl means that they may not reach the water halfway down, tip it over themselves from reaching in or just fall in completely. Buy a bowl according to size and then maybe go a little bigger just to be safe.

Also, you may need to think about specialized bowls for your dogs. Especially if they have long ears. specialist bowls go towards keeping their ears out of the food and water and keep them dry and free from mess.

Also for bigger dogs you may need to invest in a raised platform to house the water and food bowls. this prevents the dog from having to bend or widen the legs to reach down. this prevents closing the throat and keeps it clear enough for food and water to travel safely into the body.

Carry water around with you when you go for a walk, Read our article on walking your dog safely. I always carry a small backpack when I take Theo on a walk. Inside I take a small plastic container and some chilled water that I keep in the fridge. He sometimes will drink from it but if I am honest he prefers the water from the streams and puddles to what I bring. But, It’s always handy to have. Especially if there are no natural water preserves around and the weather gets warm. If you forget a container then just cup your hands and let them drink from this. Again this depends on the dog. some will some won’t.

Also on long car journeys, we take regular stops (mainly to sample the expensive burger kings on route) to stretch all our legs, get a toilet break and give them a chance to drink a little water.

Get a dog water fountain or bottle-feed water bowl. These are great ways of keeping your pooch hydrated. most dogs love the freshwater that comes out of these and they make sure that the water supply is always on hand and plenty of it.

ICE.  Now, this has divided some people. Can you give a dog ice? The answer is yes you can but you need to be careful. smaller dogs can suffer from shock easily so they may be more susceptible when given ice cubes due to the drop in body temperature But as with everything, it needs to be in moderation.

I fill an icecube tray and keep that in the freezer handy for hot days and days when Theo suddenly realizes he’s been sleeping by the heater for too long and starts panting. He loves the crunch more than anything but it’s a great way of cooling them down.

Add chicken or beef broth to their daily diet if they struggle to maintain they’re water intake. The water will add to their hydration and they will love the taste of the broth.

Electrolytes. These are the quickest way to keep your dog hydrated and you if you ever feel thirsty and depleted. Ever taken a sports drink on a hot day. You feel the benefit of these pretty quick. Electrolyte water is enhanced with minerals your body needs to work at its best, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride.

Electrolytes need to be taken if your dog is or has been suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, heatstroke, and general dehydration. As always please speak to a professional on the best course of action.


How to spot dehydration

It’s extremely important to keep an eye on your pooch for dehydration. hot weather, exercise and illness, and medication (check for any side effects) can all lead to dehydration.

What are the telltale signs of dehydration

  • lethargy
  • decrease in appetite
  • thickening of saliva
  • dry gums
  • panting
  • dry nose
  • a decrease in skin elasticity

If you suspect that your dog may be dehydrated then take immediate steps to fix this. Speak to a veterinarian as they may need to be admitted and taken care of professionally.

Consult your local veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns about the best nutrition/hydration for your dog. But always provide fresh clean water at all times. This will go towards helping your dog to be healthy and happy and hydrated.

I hope this article gave you a better insight on how to keep your dog hydrated.Check out this great slow-mo video of a dog drinking water. It’s really interesting how it curls it’s tongue up like a backward spoon to drink in the water,





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