How to keep your dog happy

How to keep your dog happy

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, but we don’t always look at it that way. The joy they bring us outweighs the responsibility issues. And costs. They love us more than we love them, but how can we make sure that our dogs are kept happy at all times. Read on for some important tips on how to keep your dog happy.

They’re own space
Make sure that the dog has a space around the home they can call their own. A crate is best for this but a dog bed will do just as well. The crate allows them to have a feeling of security and can be used as a bedroom. For when they’re tired or just simply want some along time and a snooze. many people don’t like using crates as they feel it’s cruel to lock the dog away like that. but, you can always buy the crate and not lock the door, leave it constantly open for them with a blanket over the top and sides for some extra warmth and darkness.

whatever you use, make sure the dog has a comfy bed down place. somewhere that’s warm enough. if you find the temperature drops off at your place in the night then think of adding a couple of fleece blankets to their bed, nice and cosy.

alternatively, if you have a dog with a thick coat like myself ( german shepherd and Bernese mountain cross) then you may want to think about leaving doors open where they sleep and also rolling up sone rugs that place in tiled floors. these are really cool and hot dogs love to lay on them.

The best tip I find on how to keep your dog happy. Make sure you take time out of the day to play with your dog. anytime they come to you with a ball or just wanting attention and you have the time to oblige (make time) than play on. always incorporate fun games and activities into your play to keep your dog excited. they love to learn so anything new they’ll love to get their head around. whether it’s playing inside or out there are always plenty of games to choose from.

if your inside how about hide and seek or a good wrestle. outside maybe a game of fetch or frisbee. the interaction between you and your dog will go further to strengthening any bond you have.

also, make sure they have a decent supply of toys. something squeaky, something fluffy to rip apart and a rope toy and a ball are all the basic essentials of dog toys.

as well as regular playtime outside exercise is an important part of the day for any dog. they have mostly been cooped up inside all day so this is a perfect chance to get out there and get some fresh air

.this also gives them a chance to catch up with friends or meet new ones.always take the chance to find new walks or new areas. mixing up walk times means that the dog gets to experonce new smells and sights. also to make theyre territory in a new place, and they love that.

also, if you find it har to trim your dog’s nails, maybe they just do not like the experience and refuse to have it done. then walking on hard surfaces often keeps their nails trim. the floor acts as a kind of a file and trims them down. something to think about on your next walk.

make sure you feed your dog the correct food for their sex, height, weight activity levels and breed. always follow feeding instructions on nutritional labels and also ask advice from your vet or qualified nutritionist.

There are lots of food types and diets that you can choose. make sure to choose the correct one. From raw food, rice, tinned food to biscuits. just make sure they have the daily recommended amounts of nutrition.

always allow for any dog treats that you spoil them with throught the day, treats and scrap leftoevsr are a sure-fire way of your dog putting on weight. think of the saying for humans. “little pickers wear big knickers”. and I refuse to see my dog in big knickers.Take a look here at what a dog can not eat and be sure to review your dogs diet.

Regular Grooming
they may or may not like it. regular attacks with the brush can either be an easy experience or one that leaves you running around the house and garden brushing out occasional handfuls of fur.but regular grooming can do the world of good for your dog. by taking away the dead skin cells and the fur and underlying fur they have a fresh clean coat without dirt. not grooming regularly enough can lead to your dog scratching and that may irritate any skin conditions that your dog may already have because of the lack of grooming.

as always make this a fun experience and try and use a brush that’s suitable for your dog’s coat type. and offer treats as a reward. also use this time to check over their teeth, ears and claes and clean and trim accordingly.

Don’t Shout
your home is your safe place somewhere your dog feels safe too. do not ever raise your voice out of anger or strike a dog. this will seriously affect your dog. they’ll become nervous and scared and more importantly scared of the one person that they trust the most. the only person that they probably have in their life.

a telling off is one thing and should be done to show the dog the bad behaviour is not acceptable. but never use your dog to release any form of anger. what kind of a person are you if you’re doing that anyway?

The last entry on how to keep your dog happy is massage. My dog loves this. Dogs have joints and muscles that become sore and tired just like us. learn how to give you dog a massage and it will be your friend for ever.working your way from the top of the head, down to their hind legs. use a gentle circular motion and be careful not to press too hard.

this will help aid any sore muscles and can also help if the dog has arthritis. my dog loves a massage and really loves his neck being rubbed. he pushes his head further into it to get more of it.

learn how to give a dog a massage here.

We really hope you enjoyed this article on how to keep your dog happy at home.


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