How to keep your dog cool

How to keep your dog cool

To begin with, we are not talking about sunglasses and leather jackets cool. We are talking hot days and times when your pooch is feeling a little overheated maybe after a walk or playtime perhaps.

How to keep a dog cool
How to keep a dog cool.

We cover plenty of ways on keeping your dog cool and all of them are very easy to do. So there’s really no excuses. We also go into some things to stay away from on hotter days.


A dog’s temperature can depend on their age, breed and weight, and any medical conditions they have.

normally a dog’s temperature is typically between 38.3 and 39.2 degrees (101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit) so a couple of degrees raise could start heat stroke. especially if there are no sources of ventilation. so keep an eye on your pooch in hot conditions. and look out for the following
signs of heat stroke

  • Panting
  • Warm/hot to touch
  • Dry nose
  • Drooling
  • No energy, refusal to move
  • Vomiting
  • Fast heart rate


How to keep your dog cool

keep plenty of water.

one of the most important ways off cooling your dog and keeping them cool is to provide plenty of water and watering spots around your home and garden. on top of the usual spots try and put extra water around for them. They can never have enough watering stations.

Always try and keep the bowls topped up with clean, fresh, and cool water. Make a point of replenishing the water every night, every morning, and throughout the day.

Add a couple of ice cubes to the bowl to keep the water that little bit cooler for longer.

Try and keep the water bowls in the shade, water in direct heat will just warm up and your dog will more than likely ignore the warm water. especially if they are extra fussy like my German Shepherd.

Also, think of investing in a ceramic bowl if you are keeping the water outside. In hot conditions a metal bowl will heat up, causing the water to get warm. also, the bowl itself will become hot to touch. A ceramic bowl won’t retain the heat like a metal bowl will and will be cooler to touch. keeping the water cooler for a short time longer.

Check out our article here on how to keep your dog hydrated.


As mentioned you can put a couple of cubes into the dog’s bowl to keep the water fresh and cool. but, There has always been some doubt over whether you can give dogs ice.

Yes, you can give dogs ice cubes, but like everything, it needs to be in moderation. a few cubes now and again won’t hurt, they get something nice and cold to crunch on and to cool them down. But overdoing it can cause the dog to have an upset stomach. also, it is advisable to be careful with smaller dogs. These smaller bodies may struggle with sudden changes in body temperature and cause shock. As with anything it is advisable to speak to your trusted, qualified professional vet in your area.

Think of also freezing chew toys. these can easily be put in the freezer and taken out when needed. or freezing ice cubes with chunks of fruit in such as watermelon. These all go toward cooling down or keeping your dog cool in the hotter weather.


another good way of keeping your dog cool is by using fans. There are many different types available and can all help with keeping your dog cool.

try and keep these in the corner of a room so the cool air can be spread through the room evenly. and try an oscillating fan so they can turn, usually 180 degrees, and spread the cool air around.

A good idea that I have come across is to open a duvet cover, weight it down inside at the back and the front, all 4 corners so it doesn’t blow away. then put a fan or 2 at the entrance of the cover and turn it on. the duvet fills instantly with cold air and just acts as a closed wind tunnel. These are very effective for bringing down the temperature and can help keep your dog cool. Take a look at this video to get a good idea

try and keep the windows closed in any room you have the fan on. You are wasting energy and more importantly cool air that will be escaping straight out the window.

Wet towel

Another great way of keeping your dog cool is to completely wet a towel and put it down on the floor for the dog to lay down on. Again, putting the wet towel in the shade is better as it stops the towel from drying out quicker, and in the shade, it’s just cooler anyway.

If your dog loves this, then try and prize the towel away from them when they are laying on it every so often just to wet it again. keeping it topped up just like the water bowls.

Cooling mats

these are a great way to cool your dog. you can pick these up from Amazon for very cheap. They come in varying sizes They are super easy to use and can be used again and again.

They usually keep your pet’s temperature around 10 degrees below ambient temperature. some makes and mats will differ so always check out the claims and reviews before you buy.

the cooli g mats can last anything up to 3 hours in the shade and are easily cleaned. While most are not chew proof it is a good idea to keep an eye on the dog so as to deter them from any chewing that may start.

Different mats use different technology. some need to be put in a freezer or fridge to fully cool down before they can be used. others have a technology that gets activated when the dog moves around. using some sort of gel as a cooling agent meaning that your dog can comfortably move around and keep cool.

Cooling vests

These are vests that can be bought in any size for any dog. They work by being soaked in cold water. Making sure it’s fully submerged.

Then ring it out and place it on your dog.

your dog’s temperature drops comfortably while the moisture is being pulled out of the vest by the heat.

When the vest is dry simply soak in cold water again and your good to go.

paddling pools

you used to be able to just by kids paddling pool for this and you still can, but there’s now a market for doggie pools. and they are great. you can buy different sizes to suit the size of your hound.all are reusable and made of varying materials. although not chew proof they are a great investment.

How to keep a dog cool
Dog chilling water to keep cool

some dogs will take to it straight away and love it. others will take a little longer to get sed or to even get close. maybe thinking that it’s an outside bath time ploy.

get in there and they will soon follow. pools can be bought for pretty cheap and are a great way to keep your dog cool.


consider taking up mats and rugs at your home

if underneath you have maybe a tile or wood floor. these can be a lot cooler than carpet or rug. at night time I roll the rug up in the kitchen and also the living room. takes seconds and I know he’s a lot cooler at night. I know this as he doesn’t get up to move around as often to find the cool spots.

What not to do with your dog on hot days

As well as knowing how to keep your dog cool on hot days it’s important to ocver some basic elements on hottoer occasions and what not to do.

Don’t walk on the hottest part of the day

Sounds pretty simple but I see so many people walking their dogs during the hottest part of the day. This is crazy. You may be fine or feel a little bit hot but imagine what your dog is going through in all this heat. especially with a coat of hair.

Exercise is important sure. But please wait till it cools down.

As well as the heat. The payments will become very warm and may cause the dogs pads on their feet to become burnt. A simple tip for this is to put your palm flat down on the surface you are walking on.  If it’s hot to touch then it’s too hot for your dog to walk on.

Don’t leave them in the car

This is an obvious one. But so many people think that their dogs will be ok if they just run into the shop. Or pop in quickly somewhere.

People and dogs can die in hot cars.  Do not be an idiot. Leave your dog at home in the cool if you have to pop out.

If you see a dog stuck in a car on a hot day then phone the authorities. Do not try to break the windows yourself. You could be liable for something like criminal damage and you could also injure yourself.

We hope you I’ve taken some handy insights from this blog post on how to keep your dog cool.

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