Games to play with your dog

Games to play with your dog

One of the best things about having a dog is that they are always up for fun and lots of it. Playtime is always an instant yes when the dogs are around. Not only is it fun but it encourages them to play and have fun and it also gives them a bit of exercise and gets the blood going, that’s a good thing for you too.
There are various games and activities that you can do to keep your dog amused or to tire them out. Below well take a look at the indoor and outdoor types of games to play with your dog.

Indoor games to play with your dog

Tug of war
Now, most will be able to do this inside the house but for those of you with limited space and a bigger dog you may need to clear the furniture. Its the simple good old game of tug of war. consisting of 2 teams, ok, it’s just you and doggo pulling against each other.

Those with smaller breeds get to be victorious or maybe generous for letting them win. those with bugger dogs get to pulled around the room like a rag doll until dogo wins. Rope toys are the best for this although other long toys will work. you could also use an old towel that you no longer need and tie a knot at each end. Works great.

For those with intelligent dogs or for those of us that want a laugh, try cups. Cups is usually a simply street hustle or magic trick. It involves 3 cups or bowls and some dog treats. Put one treat under the bowl and now switch them around. Let’s see if your dog can follow the treat.

Hide and Seek
Hide and seel is a good one, gets them looking around the house and using the old sniffer to track you down. Granted most of us don’t live in mansions so it won’t take doggo long but the fun element is there. You will have to hide because your dog won’t understand this element of the game but hell love looking for you. Behind the door or curtain or bunched up under the duvet. They’ll always find you.

Most dogs love a good wrestle. A bit of hands-on play with your dog can be great and build up a close bond. Playfully grabbing at them and rubbing their faces. They’ll playfully attack back, it’s great. But be careful not to hurt them. But you’ll both find boundaries after the first few plays.

Up the wooden hill
If you have a little more space at home and have a staircase then a great game for you both is to run up and down the stairs. Now this is an excellent exercise for you both and you can tire out pretty quickly, so can doggo. Also, I am sure your neighbours will love you for it. please be careful if your dog has any joint issues.

What a great game to play around the home. Much to the annoyance of everyone else living there at the time. Chase from room to room up the stairs and back down. Brilliant fun for you both. Our game usually ends up stalemate around the dining room table. Then theo will make for cover underneath where I can’t get at him. Sneaky hound.

Any kind of training is fun for your dog. It gives them time to be with you and the focus is on them which they love. Start any training as soon as you can. Starting with simple commands then or seeing to something a little more difficult each time. Take a look at our article here on dog training tips.

There are various toys and gadgets that you can use to entertain and play with your dog. From balls that race around the floor to ball dispensers that shoot a ball out when its placed at the top. There’s even a tug of war toy that operates via a suction cup on the floor. Making it near impossible to pull up and the dog gets constant entertainment and exercise.

Scent Work
Hide treats around the house and encourages your dog to find them. Dogs have a fantastic sense of smell so this is something they are usually good at. Hide treats at their level but around the home. They’ll love it.

A simple game of catch. a very basic game where you throw toys or a ball into the air so the dog can catch. This improves their coordination and can be a really fun game. My dog is officially rubbish at catch. He will sit and watch the ball in the air until it comes down on his face.

Outside activities to entertain your dog

A brilliant game where you don’t really have to do much. The lazy person game we shall call it. But great if you’re tired and want to stretch dogs legs. Usually a ball or favourite toy they will love the thrill of the chase.

You can buy ball launchers now where you attach the ball at the end and flick the ball away, they tend to go really far so your dog gets that bit more exercise. Also if you want to tire them out more then stand at the bottom of a hill and throw the ball up it. The dog has to work harder to go up the hill. Making them tire out faster.
Also, frisbees are great as a game of fetch. They have a larger surface area so the dog may find it easier to catch.

Agility course
Make an agility course in the garden or park. try ramps and poles and something to jump over. Dogs love being active and they’ll love running around with you while you guide them on the course. Don’t be put off if your dog doesn’t understand it. A lot of dogs don’t. But they love to try though. Take a look at a bulldog smashing an agility course and smashing stereotypes of who can compete in these types of events.

Games to play with your dog
A dog running an agility course

Most dogs love to chase around the garden or field after a ball. Kicking the ball around to chase with constant changes of direction will tire you both out in no time. Take to kicking a ball around and your dog will jump at the chance to try and ruin the game and sink their teeth into it. Great fun.

Sandpit Fun
If you have a dog that loves to dog then a sandpit is an excellent option to stop them from ruining your lovely garden. Place treats or toys under the sand and watch them dig for gold.

We hope you took some ideas away from this article on games to play with your dog and we hope it helps to keep your pooch amused.


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