9 Things you should not do to your dog

9 Things you should not do to your dog

You love and care for your dog and they return the favour by showing unconditional love and stealing your socks. But while we all care for our dogs there are certain things that we shouldn’t be doing, some more obvious than others. Read on for 9 things you shouldn’t do to your dog.

Never allow running free in a car

always take safety precautions when travelling in a car with your dog. Whether you secure them in a crate or use a seat belt attachment to buckle them in. never let a dog run free around a car. not only can they cause a distraction to you while driving they can also be a heavyweight to get thrown around the car if you crash. causing you and the dog more injury than needed. dogs like people should always be secured. also if a dog is secured then there is a lesser chance of them climbing out the window to chase something when you stop or even worse when you’re still going.

Never give your dog chocolate

as much as we eat of it an as tasty as it is never, ever gives your dog chocolate.it contains something called theobromine-a stimulant. this is easily and quickly digested by humans but is slowly digested by dogs meaning a toxic level can build up in their systems. a small amount can cause vomiting and diarrhoea but large amounts can cause seizures, heart failure and eventually death. There are alternatives to human chocolate and specifically for dogs. it doesn’t taste as nice as real chocolate, I’ve tried, but an alternative treatment for them for movie night.

For more information on what you can not feed your dog then take at our article here.

Never need from your plate

always provide food into the dog’s bowl. they have grown to learn that this is the place that they receive food. apart from treats and bones etc. Feeding your dog form your plate can open up the thought for the dog that they now get food from your plate too. This isn’t the case and can lead to your furry friend becoming a nuisance at mealtimes. especially if you have children and people who won’t help the situation by feeding them from the table or plate.

If you have some food leftover that the dog can eat then gather it together and transfer to the bowl. This saves the puppy eyes and begging that can sometimes become a problem.

Leave in a hot car

this is an obvious one. and something all people should know. even non dog owners. Never ever leave you’d dog in a hot car. they can and will die. even short periods of time in a hot car will cause a dog to become dehydrated. extreme dehydration means their body will start shutting down. even leaving windows down and parking in the shade will offer some protection but not enough to keep your pooch protected.

If you need to go out on a hot day then at least think of leaving your dog at home in the cool. not running around with you in extreme heat, remember they have a coat on they cant take off!

Ignore your dog

never ignore your dog. always show appreciation when you can. even if it’s a little head rub as you walk past them in the kitchen. or call them over when you’re sitting down watching tv. its always appreciated no matter how big or small the gesture. it will always get a tail wag. and they love knowing that you notice them.

I give my dog a belly rub every morning,  5 AM before work. He doesn’t open his eyes, he’s too tired to see me then but, he wags his tail and stretches out. they love attention.

Never lose your temper

Never lose your temper or strike a dog. They mean no harm and no greater understanding of their actions. So losing your temper and even worse striking out will hurt the dog emotionally and physically. Dogs love us unconditionally and respond to us with the tone of our voice.

A happy high pitched voice will make them excited. A stern low voice will make them pay attention and maybe avoid eye contact. But, if you scream and shout this makes them scared and they will look to get to an area of safety. If you feel ill-tempered about a situation then take yourself out of it for a while and address it at another time.

Never allow biting

biting is something that everyone endured if you have a puppy. puppies most;y explore things with their mouths and razor-sharp teeth so you always end up with scratches and scram makes down your arms. but it should never be encouraged and should always be stopped.

even with smaller dogs, it’s sometimes seen as cute or part of the personality that a smaller dog can bite or snap out at you. this should never happen. if it stopped the dog thinks that this behaviour is allowed and the fault lies with you as an owner to stop this. Be a responsible dog owner before the dog bites out at a child or someone that isn’t as understanding as you about your dog.

Never leave your dog at home all-day

leaving your dog at home or worse still chains up all day means that they will most certainly become lonely. Always make time for exercise with your dog. regular walks and exercise can lift the mood of both you and your dog. Exercise for your dog gets them out in the fresh air with different sites and sounds. It stretches their legs and gets the blood pumping around their body. Same for you too. The exercise does you good. Whether you know it or not. The fact your outside breathing in clean air and moving around, getting in sunlight means that it’s doing you good.

leaving your dog alone for long periods of time can cause separation anxiety. all seemed from your dog missing you and not knowing when you will return. dogs have no idea how long you’re gone and if they are on there own they have no company to interact with. that would make most people go insane.

Don’t encourage your dog to bark

a dog barks, it’s their prerogative. Its nature and its most certainly they’re way of talking and communicating. Dogs bark when they’re excited, to talk to us and to warn of strangers. But think of your immediate and surrounding neighbours.

Occasional barking is fine and to be expected when you know that someone local has a dog. But the constant barking can be a huge annoyance to your neighbours. As a responsible dog owner, make sure you don’t encourage your dog to bark constantly. If it does then there may be something wrong and something you need to explore further. But as a dog owner try and be respectful of your neighbours and any constant barking that goes on.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on 9 things you should not do to your dog. Hope it helps you with your dogs nutrition in someway. On a lighter note take a look at these dogs eating peanut butter to cheer you up. Please feel free to share and comment on your experiences below. Thanks



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