9 questions to ask before getting a dog

9 Questions to ask before getting a dog

Most of us would love to own a dog. But the reality is that it isn’t always the best decision. If you are currently thinking of getting a dog then Below are 9 questions to ask before getting a dog.

9 Questions to ask before getting a dog

1 Do we have time for a dog

Dogs thrive of our company as we do theirs, so we must have enough time for them. The more time you can spend with your pooch the better. Time for play, Take time out to play with your doggo.

Throwing the ball in the garden, running around the house or playing tug of war. This will help build the bond, tire them out and they get to interact with you.

9 questions to ask yourself before you get a dog
man and his dog

Time for exercise. As well as incorporating play into their daily lives it’s important to get them outside in the fresh air for a good walk around and sniff.

I always choose to mix up the walks as there are always new smells and sights to take in. It’s also good to get them out socializing and getting accustomed to any unfamiliar sounds etc.

Time for training, It’s very important to train your dog. Basic commands are a must, the ability to call your dog back at any given time is such an important quality to have.

Imagine your dog running out into the road or being near another dog that you sense is about to snap. Get the basics done and you’ll be ready for most occasions when out and about.

Also, they need to be around us just in general, hanging out, sleeping by our feet or just chilling out in another room and occasionally coming in to check we’re ok.

Before choosing your dog think of the time you can spend at home with them. If possible also think of getting 2 so they can be the company for each other while you are not around.

2 Do we have space for a dog

Live in a 1 bed flat and want a Great Dane? Well, that’s going to be a pretty tight fit. Maybe a jack Russell would be more of a suitable companion. You must have enough room in your home for your dog to feel comfortable. They need they’re own space and plenty of room to stretch their legs when your not home and even when you are home.

Think of how much floor space you have around your home. Will they be allowed to Rome around the house freely or are there rooms they won’t be allowed in (strange, but ok). Do you have a garden? will they be allowed on the furniture? All these little questions add up what kind of size dog you could live with comfortably with space for you both.

3 Are we financially able

Owning a dog doesn’t come for free. There are initial costs, monthly costs, and unforeseen costs. Initial costs such as vets bills for injections and check-ups, donation for shelter or payment for the breeder. initial set up for bedding treats dog bowls x 3-4 for food and plenty of water stations. as a monthly cost that can include food, treats, toys, insurance, possible medication-vets bills.

What if your best friend becomes ill or has an accident and you don’t have insurance. Or just have to cover the first couple of hundred and the insurance covers the rest. You need to be able to cover these unexpected costs. because your dog won’t think twice of your wallet, before he tries to chase whatever furry creature through the brushes and ends up hurting himself.

4 Care for the dog when you are away

Do you trust anyone enough to look after your best friend for any length of time? and more importantly, does your dog like them enough to be around. If it’s a bigger dog are they capable and stern enough to take them out to the public. Do they know what to do in basic situations with dogs. It’s always better to keep your dog in familiar surroundings when your way for extended periods.

Maybe someone close to you could house sit. This is the best option. The dog never has to up sticks and leave for somewhere else making them anxious and lonely.
The next would be a house they have been to regular and seem comfy there, family and friends. The 3rd is a boarding kennel. always do your research for these and check them out before you pay anything and commit.

Check out this video on getting a dog

Okay, so we are roughly halfway through our article on 9 questions to ask before getting a dog. Ticking all the boxes so far? Read on and think over the advice before making a final decision.

5 Are we all on board

Everyone in the household needs to be on board for the decision. There will be responsibilities that need to be shared. walking, feeding, training and playing with. The more people you have at home the better for the dog. the more people he can get the attention of and the more people to just hang out with.

But everyone has to be behind the decision to get a dog. If you are unsure then speak to a family member or friend and offer to walk the dog. To offer to look after the dog while they are away. That way you get to help out and then get a free trial run of getting a 4 legged best friend.

6 Can we give it exercise

all dogs need exercise, some more than others. Do you have the time and energy/fitness levels to walk your dog on a regular occurrence? For someone who can not get out and about as much, again a smaller dog would be a perfect fit. all dogs need exercise but the littler legged breeds tire out more quickly due to having to use their legs more.

If you have no problem getting out and about then there are littler dogs such as jack Russell who will keep up with you no matter where you go. Or a medium dog I would recommend a spaniel, these breeds seem to run on energizer batteries and love the outdoors. Take the time to find out what breeds need roughly how much daily exercise and use this as a contributing factor when choosing your breed.

7 What kind of breed

take your time to think about what breed suits you best and ask questions about your lifestyle.do you have kids? can you exercise a lot? how much room? small or big dog.these are the questions you need to ask for matching your best breed. There are over 200 registered breeds in the world depending on what country you live in and that doesn’t include crossbreeds. So you have plenty of choice between small medium and large dogs.

8 Do we adopt

Do we buy from a reputable breeder for a puppy or do we adopt from a shelter? I have done both in the past. There is a huge movement of adopting dogs and its literally one of the best things in the world. Being able to give a dog a new loving home after the undeserved leaving or mistreatment by their former owners. The fact they get to live out their lives in a comfy home with love and no worries make them love us that bit more.

most dogs are left because they simply don’t fit into the owner’s life anymore. as gutting as this is the owner has done the right thing by letting the dog go to a new home where time is taken to care for the dog.

But I want to make it clear that there is nothing wrong with buying from a breeder.  As long as they are reputable or at least have papers to show that the dogs have been looked after and checked over by a registered vet.

puppy farming is rising and horrible people will always try and outsmart you. stick to your guns, excuses will fly about how they have been checked but the papers have been lost, etc.

if something doesn’t add up, you get a strange feeling (trust it) then walk away and report it to the authorities.

You don’t get this with sheltered animals. They will always be checked over and advice will be on hand for the best breed dog they have to suit you. It is in the charity’s interest to make sure the dog has a loving home to go to. That’s why they do it.

9 do we get a puppy or an older dog

do we get a puppy or an older dog? To be honest, it doesn’t matter. There is a certain question you need to ask again and things to think about. Getting an older dog means that they will already be house trained socialized etc. But, you’ll need to check the dog’s history for being socialized with children and other dogs before bringing them home.

It is always best to find out what kind of home they come from and why they are being rehomed. Getting a puppy means you can train it from the start and create that bond as it grows. But in all honesty, they’ll love you both as equally and fill you with joy.

I hope 9 questions to ask before getting a dog has been helpful in making your decision. Getting a dog is the best decision we have made as a couple and we don’t regret it. Check out our article on tips to name your dog

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